To all of you who made it all that it was, I send you a decade worth of thanks. This monstrous project would not have happened without all of your help and support.

Thank you so much to the great team behind this project. Lu-Fang, the key person who tied everything together, thank you for your time over 9 months in transforming this dream (in February) into a reality. Thank you Liu Xuan Qi for the concept and design of INSTINC 10: The Great Collaboration and also this amazing catalogue. Thank you Alba for coming to Singapore one month before to be my 'slave' and helping me so, so much in the final month before it all happens! Thank you Fann ZJ, for designing a super cool space for INSTINC at the Affordable Art Fair, Singapore. Thank you Michelle Lim and Fann ZJ for your help in curating the two exhibitions at Studio67 and the Affordable Art Fair – it is a challenging task as we have 10 artists and 5 collaborative teams. Thank you Jacqueline for your documentation in video for the entire “Great Collaboration” and Eunice for being our social media publicist and assisting me after all 10 artists arrive. I would also like to thank Michael Amter for your awesome introductory video with all the flash stuff for our Indiegogo campaign, Maki Kinoshita for your beautiful music in INSTINC's 2004-2014 video and flying here to attend our opening on 15 November 2014. Thank you Alexis, Florentine and Alan from the Affordable Art Fair team for believing in this project from the beginning and bringing about the sponsorship for our huge booth. Thank you Adele Lee from Volvo who so kindly offered us two exciting Volvo cars to paint on! Thank you Teewee, Jennie and your hunters for contributing your time to understand our art and encourage sales at our booth in the fair.

“Not forgetting all 10 artists for participating in this project, contributing your artworks to be used as prints for the fund-raising for this project, your time for the interviews and your time and commitment to travel and come to Singapore. Last but not least, my family who has been most supportive and without you, I would not be able to spend so much time doing this project.”

- Yeo Shih Yun 


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