Well wishes

Happy 10th birthday, INSTINC!

“I have known Shih Yun since 1993, and have been witnessing Shih Yun’s hard work put in for past decades leading to the birth and growth of INSTINC.

“INSTINC’s past locations were without lift. Especially when INSTINC was located above the shop houses along Chinatown and Mohamed Sultan, a lot of energy was required to walk up the “stairway to heaven” before an art paradise could be revealed. However, regardless of the location, it’s always with great anticipation visiting the art space and worth the trip feasting the eyes with interesting artworks.

“Through an Artist-In-Residence conference in Korea with Shih Yun, we met Paul Campbell, which led to the Coney Island New York Project, where we got to know Paul’s family. Paul flew to Singapore for the art opening, and my son met him. My son knew more about New York through art, and not through school or textbooks at the age of 4!!”

“Happy 10th Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!  May this artist-run space unleash more power of an artist. Cheers to many more milestones!”

Shanen Chan
Art teacher, Singapore

“I first visited INSTINC in its Chinatown space. It was a good chance to meet Shih Yun another abstract artist and due to fortunate circumstances, spend a productive year sharing a studio with her and Wyn-Lyn showing our work in the Emerald Hill shophouse.”

“I am glad INSTINC has sustained itself for a decade with kudos to Shih Yun’s good instincts 🙂  Hope it will keep on growing so that its creative energy sparks lots more collaborative projects and encourages many other artists for years to come.”

Valerie Ng
Artist, Malaysia / Singapore


“Shih Yun and me, like in a tale, we met once upon a time in a castle in  the mountains of Slovenia, since then we started to collaborate and paint together… easy, simple… like the good things.

“Wow! So many [special memories]! Hard to explain in few sentences… but really unforgettable days, beautiful memories, great collaboration artworks.”

“INSTINC rocks! INSTINC will be very soon an absolute reference of Synergy! It´s a perfect recipe: the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements!!

“I wish INSTINC sailboat a loooong life trip, full of ART, of new emotions, projects, friendship, fun and whatever captain Shih Yun will see in the horizon.”

Alba Escayo
Artist, Spain

wellwish2 wellwish3

“I am extremely happy to have been a part of INSTINC. I met Shih Yun and her friend Shanen by chance at a casual gathering in 2009 after an art event in South Korea. Our five minute conversation that night revealed that Shih Yun had made paintings on roller blades and I had made paintings with remote control cars. Some months later Shih Yun followed up on our conversation suggesting we do a grant proposal together. Since then we have had a wonderful friendship and artistic relationship. We collaborated on Coney Island Abstract and have participated together in several shows on both sides of the globe. I am looking forward to the continued success of INSTINC and to the continuation of a wonderful friendship with Shih Yun and her family.”

 Paul Campbell
Artist, Brooklyn, New York

“INSTINC art space has over the years proven itself to be a melting pot and humble meeting place for artists to retreat away from the pressures of every day ‘working life’. Shih Yun Yeo along with her team have selflessly invested time and great effort into making the space a success which is evident. I would like to wish INSTINC Art Space a very happy 10th Anniversary, the memories I hold from my experience are very dear to me and I hope to have many more memories created in the presence of such great artists and creative minds in Singapore.”

Laudi Abilama
Artist, Lebanon

“I found INSTINC through Res Artis and was very happy when my application was accepted. It was my first international residency (I have since had residencies in Indonesia and Senegal) and easily the best equipped and most comfortable.

“Shih Yun was a great host and took time out to take me to many galleries and events. It was like hanging out with a friend, rather than someone just managing a residency. She also helped with my projects.

“The residency was fantastic. How often does one get time to fall in love with a city, to walk all over it and explore the nooks and crannies. My work, The Passionate Embrace was about that process. I explored, taking images, and then turned those into the gaffer tape images I projected.”

“I would like to thank Shih Yun and INSTINC for my time there in 2011. I think what you do is great. You are very welcoming and create a space where artists can realise their ideas. I hope you continue to do this in years to come.”

Greg Pritchard
Artist, Australia

“I wish INSTINC, Shih Yun and her team another 10 years of success. Then you call me again – I will extend. Do not give up but improve, always could be better.”

Milenko Prvacki
Artist & Educator. Senior Fellow, Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore


“My first encounter with INSTINC (Shih Yun) was at Squares Invasion 2011. I was submitting my 50 x 50 painting for the show. Shih Yun was very approachable and friendly. After the exhibition, we quickly became friends!

“Nothing beats exchanging thoughts and ideas with other artists. My most memorable memories were with artists Amy Lin, Natalia Ludmila and Kari Cholnoky. I still remember over dinner once, Natalia (one of the artists involved in The Great Collaboration) paused a conversation to ask “What does ‘lah’ means? It’s often being said in most of your sentences.” Everyone broke out in laughter immediately after.”

“I believe INSTINC will continue to be fresh and avant grade in every age as they continue to collaborate hand in hand with artists all around. INSTINC has grown to be prominent in integrating artists with various forms of practices which is essential in building Singapore’s art scene. Thank you INSTINC for always being so supportive of artists! Your vision has definitely propelled us to keep pursuing our passion and to keep taking risks in our developing practices.”

Eunice Lim
Artist, Singapore


“I will always remember the call from Shih Yun informing me that I have been selected for the INSTINC 50×50 show. She was so passionate about the show and very genuine over the phone. In person, she embodies it and more!”

“May the INSTINC spirit grow and overwhelm in the next ten years!”

Fann ZJ
Creative Director, the folly store

“I wish Shih Yun and INSTINC the best of luck for the future. She is not only a wonderful artist, but a friend and mentor to younger artists and a very capable organizer. I only always meet her at dinners or openings where she is tirelessly introducing me to her artists.”

Jeremy Sharma
Artist, Singapore

“My time at INSTINC was amazing because it was quite eye opening and educational yet at the same time it was fun and wonderful.

Shih Yun is a very caring and giving person, she puts herself, culture and city out-there every single time she is hosting an artist.  She really has made a sensational space for creativeness to flourish.

“There are too many [special memories] to focus on one! But, I would have to say the deep connections made on a personal level.  The people I met during my Residency are extraordinary.”

“Congratulations on these ten years of striving and aiming to make this dream art venture into a reality. I know in my heart that many more amazing years are to come and I can’t wait see what interesting things INSTINC will bring for us in the future.”

Natalia Ludmila
Artist, Mexico



“Running an art space, staging exhibitions and participating in art fairs can be stressful but the artists INSTINC attracts and works with are mostly pretty awesome, due in no small part to Shih Yun’s vision and positive energy. I’ve certainly enjoyed the camaraderie and brilliant jokes shared with all the INSTINC artists I’ve encountered.”

Shir Ee Tan
Head of Programmes, Singapore Art Museum (SAM)


“Congratulations for 10th anniversary of INSTINC! We, Youkobo Art Space would like to celebrate this special time from Tokyo with INSTINC! Youkobo Art Space had a fantastic exchange project 6581 between INSTINC in 2013.
We hope to continue our collaboration forever.
The best wishes for INSTINC future!
We know it will be a bright one!”

Hiroko and Tatsuhiko Murata and Youkobo Staff
Youkobo Art Space, Japan



Chihiro Kabata & Aya Murakami
Artists, Japan

“…if there is one thing that has really stuck in my head, I would say it was her visit to Slovenia and meeting some artists there. That trip inspired her to start her own residency program. No matter how onerous it can be, she realised the value and the possibilities for INSTINC as an art space and the possibilities for her as an artist. I believe that starting the artist residency program was instrumental in building INSTINC into such an international institution with many friends around the world.

“It is the people who make an organisation what it is. What she wants for herself and what she wants to be known for is also indirectly what INSTINC should stand for. To me, that is the journey of passion and inspirations. These words embody INSTINC entirely and every idea that stems from this source is always exciting. I believe that the future story of INSTINC will continue to inspire.”

“I wish that INSTINC will continue to stay true to the passion of art, and hold it as the centre of all endeavours, ideas, initiatives or projects. The future of INSTINC will be exciting!”

Sen Lai
Shih Yun’s family