Alba Escayo and Justin Lee

Alba Escayo and Justin Lee

Alba Escayo (Spain)
INSTINC artist-in-residence June 2012

Alba Escayo works principally on painting but also experimental photography. She received her Fine Arts degree from Complutensian University, Madrid and continued her art education at the Academy of Bologna and more recently at the Faculty of Belgrade. Today she lives and works between Belgrade and Madrid, and has participated often in artist residencies and international projects. She has had solo and collective exhibitions in different countries, and her work is represented in public and private collections and museums. To travel and to know new places is fundamental to her motivation and inspiration.

Justin Lee 李志光 (Singapore)
INSTINC AAF exhibiting artist 2012/2013

Justin Lee is the most famous pop artist in Singapore. He works with a variety of media from paintings and sculptures to experimental short videos, and has won many art competitions. He has also exhibited at the Singapore Art Museum and Asia Civilizations Museum, and his series of works bring a different understanding of today’s Singapore society and lifestyle with its blend of eastern and western cultures. Justin believes that art plays an important part in helping people to grow, and his current works reflect on how words and images from the mass media influence and control our thoughts and expression.