Kathleen Li and Yeo Shih Yun

Kathleen Li and Yeo Shih Yun

Yeo Shih Yun (Singapore) www.shihyunyeo.com
INSTINC founder since Nov 2004

Yeo Shih Yun is a full-time artist and the founder of INSTINC. She is known to reinterpret ink painting, with striking results. She experiments with fusing the traditional form with contemporary mediums, and has garnered much acclaim, including getting commissioned by the Singapore Art Museum, winning the Sovereign Asian Art Prize People’s Choice Award in 2012, and being awarded a Certificate of Distinction and Highly Commended Entry at the UOB Painting of the Year Competition in 2007.

Kathleen Li (San Francisco)
INSTINC exhibiting artist 2004

“I’ve often wondered what my life would be like if I had grown up in a different country – how my environment and life experiences would sculpt my perspective and inform my point of view. The collaborative of both international and local artists will give me a window or a glimpse rather of what that experience would be like. I see collaborations as an intimate dialogue between artists. An exchange of thoughts, experiences, and questions.”

Kathleen Li

Kathleen Li received her Masters in Fine Art in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2002. She has held several group shows throughout the Bay Area including Stanford University, San Francisco Design Center as well as a solo show at the Richmond Art Center. For the past several years, her artistic practice has focused on the intersection of innocence and danger and the weaving of images from her childhood.