Paul Campbell and Liu Xian Qi Leo

Paul Campbell and Liu Xian Qi Leo

Paul Campbell (New York)
INSTINC artist-in-residence October 2010

Paul Campbell lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. His artworks are a collision of randomness and chance with directness and seriality, and simultaneously suggest a parody and an homage to Abstract Expressionist and Asian Calligraphic works of the past. Campbell studied at Massachusetts College of Art, and has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in America and internationally, from New York City, Brooklyn, Toronto, Santa Fe, to Barcelona and beyond. He has exhibited at the Rose Art Museum, the Danforth Art Museum, and the Brooklyn Museum of Art, and also received a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant in 2003.

Leo Liu Xuan Qi 刘轩齐 (Singapore)
INSTINC AAF exhibiting artist 2013

Leo Liu is a fine artist currently residing in Singapore. After graduation, he worked in the field of Design & Advertising for 11 years while practicing fine arts, before holding his first solo exhibition “Equilibrium” in 2010. This was subsequently followed by “Floating Clouds” in 2011 and “Life is Beautiful” in 2012. He received the Platinum Award at the 31st UOB Singapore Painting of the Year Competition, and another art award nomination in the same year. Leo’s work is an ongoing reflection on how rapid cross cultural influences, in this time of globalization, affect local culture and people’s way of life.