Studio 67 Exhibition

Collaboration. Cultural exchange. Friendship. These are values that have come to define the artist-run institution, INSTINC, in its decade of operation.  
To celebrate INSTINC's 10th anniversary this year, 5 international artists and 5 local artists convened for a residency in Singapore, during which they partnered with one another to create new work. 
Presented here are the myriad fruits of their labour, a testament to the energetic spirit of collaboration that continues to propel INSTINC forward into the future of contemporary art. 
The paintings that one finds in this show meditate on the themes of Motion and Emotion. Alternately graphic, illustrative and abstract, what connects the works of these stylistically diverse artists is their shared dynamism of movement and depth of emotion.
The solo and collaborative works tell a story of two individuals coming together for the sake of art, when viewed in succession. In this manner, the works commemorate the artists’ brief yet undoubtedly transcendent encounters, so that others may share in it too.

Text by Michelle Lim
Curated by Michelle Lim and Fann ZJ